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The Agency Freelancer Kit


Most organizations waste money by forcing freelancers to find their own footing.

​Don't be most organizations.​

Start properly onboarding freelancers and watch as:

  • Their time-to-proficiency accelerates
  • Projects run smoother
  • Your money goes further

The Agency Freelancer Kit helps you improve how your agency engages and onboards freelancers.

For one individual to rapidly integrate themselves with both the project context and the culture of a tightly-knit team, without any structured onboarding that’s typically offered through the standard full-time new hire onboarding and training experiences, is a work of art that takes tremendous awareness, agility, and adaptability.

​Yet for some reason, when it comes to freelancers, organizations put little to no thought into the entire onboarding process, which leads to time and money being wasted on inefficient—or nonexistent—processes that should have been designed ahead of time.

The first step in any process of improvement is to increase awareness and admit there are problems. Once the hard truths have been faced, the work becomes understanding the experiences and designing better systems, processes, and policies that will maximize the value of the agency <> freelancer relationship, instead of putting strain on it from the start.

The Agency Freelancer Kit is your guide to thinking about, designing for, and implementing better ways of engaging with and onboarding freelancers.

1. An exploration of the five core areas of freelancer onboarding

2. A look into the components and importance of each area

3. A guide to creating V1 of your Freelancer Onboarding Program

4. Checklists to help you design a solid foundational program

5. A templated Notion document for you to duplicate and build upon

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Your complete kit for designing and implementing an effective Freelancer Onboarding Program. What you'll get:


The Agency Freelancer Kit

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