Clear Path Forward's Perspective-Shifting Course

Mike Tannenbaum
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The Clear Path Forward Perspective-Shifting Course is designed to help you experience more joy, creativity, and meaning at work by guiding you to observe, adapt, and improve the way you do what you do.

With a focus on breaking through barriers and addressing oft-ignored-yet-entirely-frustrating challenges, this course will rejuvenate your imagination, ignite your desire to make things better, and guide you through the process of getting started.

The course is delivered via email on a weekly cadence, and you will have the ability to interact with me over email throughout your experience.

Over 6-weeks you’ll receive a series of emails that will:

• Help you identify and understand where you want to focus your energy

• Teach you effective ways to develop habits and shift behaviors

• Guide you to envision and implement better ways of working

• Inspire you to lead change and make progress towards important goals

• Design a clear path forward to create meaningful improvements and progress with your work

Each week you’ll receive one email with ideas and exercises to help you think differently and shift your perspectives, along with actionable ways to put them into practice.

The course pairs nicely with the Clear Path Forward Workbook, though it is entirely self-contained and effective on its own.


If you purchase the course please ignore the emails from Gumroad and keep your eye out for a message from me shortly after purchase, that will lay out next steps.

Thanks for your consideration!

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Clear Path Forward's Perspective-Shifting Course

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